Workplace Health & Safety – OHS Policy Systems

Workplace Health & Safety – OHS Policy SystemsOHS Australia applies across all Industries anywhere that people are employed to work; this includes both the Employee and contractor.

Workplace health and safety has been prioritised by the Australian government as a major area for reform. The reform agenda has identified harmonization as a key element working toward a single set of safe work practices. They have the intention of reducing or minimising incidences of injury, disease and death throughout Australia by having an effective set of work safety laws in place

For any OHS System to be effective it needs to be in writing; Having your company OHS policies and procedures in writing demonstrates exactly what has been explained to your employee or contractor and they can also sign off and commit to following the company OHS System.

 Darby can Implement the following

  • OHS Procedures
  • Workplace Policy
  • Safe Work Procedures
  • Safe Work Method Statements
  • COR Awareness Training